Perfecoat Plus
  • Complete System w/Primers, Sealers, Clearcoats

  • High Quality

  • Low Cost

  • Variant Decks

  • Superior Coverage

  • 1:1 Mix Ratio

  • Comparable To Shopline, Shopline Plus, Omni, Omni Plus, Limco, Dimension, Nason, Metallix, Automotive Art, Wanda

  • Complete Line of Primers, Sealers and CLearcoats

  • High Quality At An Affordable Price

  • Great Color Match

  • Spectrometer "Camera" for Color Matching

  • Variant Decks

  • 1:1 Mix Ratio

  • Free Training In Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Comparable to PPG DBC, ATX, DeBeer, Matrix, Diamont, Lesonal, ChromaBase, Spiess Hecker, Sikkens, Ultra 7000

  • Superior Coverage

  • Exceptional Color Match

  • Color Tools/ Variant Chip Deck

  • Candy Colors

  • Quality Industrial Paint Line At An Affordable Price

  • Complete Set Up Of Epoxy Primers, 2K Primers, 1K Alkyd Primers And Clearcoats
  • Over 1000's Of Colors Available With Chip Decks.

  • Has Different Types Of Binders (Polyurethane, Direct to Metal, Alkyd Enamel, Basecoat, Etc)

  • Made In Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Free Training In Salt Lake City, Utah